The School of Archaeology, University of Oxford, is pleased to announce the launch of the website: Celtic Coin Index Digital (CCID). The CCID is an online archive that provides access to one of the world’s largest datasets of Iron Age coins in Britain: the Celtic Coin Index (CCI). The CCI has been housed in the Institute of Archaeology at Oxford since 1964. The paper card index now holds nearly 85,000 records of around 68,000 specimens of Iron Age coins – these cards and their related images and data are now available on the CCID website.

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Work­shop sem­inar on metal-de­tect­ing and her­it­age man­age­ment in the Nordic countries

A workshop on Future directions in audience engagement for heritage management organizations is to be held at the University of Helsinki, Finland on 2nd-3rd June 2022 (10:00-15:30 EET).

From Treasure Hunters to Citizen Scientists workshop seminar series aims to examine the various citizen science and heritage management challenges presented by metal-detecting, specifically through engagement and consultation with diverse audiences and stake-holder groups specifically in the Nordic countries.

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International Conference “Fundmünzen & Co.”

“Fundmünzen & Co.” will take place on 22nd -23rd April 2022 at the Baciocchi Auditorium (Via Elisa Baciocchi, n. 4) in Trieste.

The poster and the program of the conference are available on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TriesteInternationalMeeting

The conference can be followed live on the Youtube channel “Archeo Veneto Channel”.

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Conference – Crossing Frontiers: the Evidence of Roman Coin Hoards

“Crossing Frontiers: the Evidence of Roman Coin Hoards” will take place at All Souls College, Oxford on 21-22 April 2022.

This conference is organised by the Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire project (https://chre.ashmus.ox.ac.uk) and has been generously funded by the Augustus Foundation.

It will be organised as a hybrid event, and you can register for online participation here:

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The 10th Joint Meeting of ECFN and Nomisma.org 2023


The 10th Joint Meeting of the European Coin Find Network and Nomisma.org will be held in conjunction with Bulgarian Numismatic Readings in Sofia, Bulgaria in the week of June 19–25 2023.

St. Kliment Ohridski © 2022 Faculty of Philosophy

We are delaying until 2023 due to the general backlog of delayed conferences to be held in 2022.
Many thanks to Dilyana Boteva and her team at the St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia for the invitation!
News of the programme and the call for papers will follow. 

Call for papers: Publication of the 9th Joint Meeting of ECFN and nomisma.org

We invite all participants who had presentations and posters at the 9th Joint Meeting of ECFN and nomisma.org in Viminacium, to submit texts for the Proceedings of the Meeting.
Editorial board: Mirjana Vojvoda, Vujadin Ivanišević, Rahel C. Ackermann, Andrew Meadows, David Wigg-Wolf

Papers should be submitted to the secretary of the editorial board by April 1st 2022. Papers must be submitted in digital form, via e-mail: mirjana.vojvoda@gmail.com